Good day, I am Heather Kass, and I’m running for State House of Representatives for the 36th District in the upcoming April primary.

I am true Pittsburgher for life, after being raised by blue-collar parents on the South Side Slopes, I graduated David B. Oliver Law Magnet program in 1989. I have been a member of the South Hills all my life. I am married to my best friend, and I have two adult children. We raised our children with a strong belief in respect, honesty, and the love of family. These values also comes from our Christian core believes that we strive to live every day.

After becoming a mother, I returned to school at Western School of Health and Business, where I earned an Associate’s degrees in Certified Medical Assistant and a second Associates degree in Certified Nursing Assistant. I moved on to become a Certified Practical Coder in 2000 and worked in the Medical Coding field in different areas.  I have mastered my procedural and diagnosis coding while also learning AR follow-up for insurance reimbursement for hospitals and private practices. In 2015 I started billing and coding for Critical Care and Intensivists for all Baltimore Reginal hospitals and nursing homes.  Currently, I am involved in Research for cancer in the department of Esophageal and Thoracic Cancer Institute. I have worked within the medical field for over 26 years and have loved every new journey I took.  At the age of 47, I decided to return to school for my Bachelor’s Degree and realized I had to start from the beginning, which is a challenge I embrace.

Having served as a committee member on the 29th Ward Democratic board for two years, I believe I have gained a deeper understanding of the specific issues that affect us. I now feel that the time has come for me to seek elected office.  I want to bring positive solutions and fresh ideas to the State Legislation by running for State Representative. 

Several key issues will be the focus of my campaign:  affordable quality healthcare, equitable access to Jobs, and facing the emergent need to combat the Opioid Crisis. I believe there are workable solutions available within our party to create plans, plans that will provide forward-thinking resolutions to these issues.  One of my goals, achieved by collectively working on these issues, would be to work together, devoid of partisan rhetoric, and only focused on the people we serve.

In order to serve the people of the 36th district, I must conduct an honest yet aggressive campaign. Workers’ rights with employers have taken a backseat; this is why I support our strong Unions to preserve the working peoples claim to quality and safe jobs with livable wages. I want to be that person, one born and raised here, vested in the district, vested in its future, and prepared to fight the fight for our communities at the same level.   It is for these reasons I have decided to offer the voters of the 36th District, a fresh perspective, a new voice for change, and the real choice in the 2020 election.

I plan to run a grassroots campaign, one that all will understand. For me to run a successful campaign, I will stay true to my core beliefs, ask the tough questions, be transparent with my goals and mission. Please make no mistake; serious issues are facing our community; some problems I did not fully understand before beginning this journey. I have taken time to attend community meetings, meetings that reveal the issues our citizens face and have taken their time to come to these meetings to give those concerns voiced.   One thing I have learned, and two for sure, the members of our community have serious pressing matters, and their voices must be heard.

My Core Beliefs

  • The value in having Good Jobs
  • Affordable Quality Healthcare
  • Investing in our Children
  • Empowering People over Special Interest Groups
  • Equal Opportunity for All
  • Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Combating the Opioid Crisis, by stemming the flow of Opioids and treating the victims
  • Clean Air, Water, and Energy